Have you ever had the feeling of being so inspired that you felt you could accomplish anything ? I think everyone has at some point in their life, whether it is a story of someone overcoming obstacles in life, participating in selfless acts of kindness for others or so many other forms of inspiration.

If anyone knows me, they know I am very passionate about music and am a big sports fan. I get very inspired by great songs, great musicians, amazing plays in a game, athletes pulling off feats of greatness and more. I look at these types of inspiration as “Outside” inspiration as I need to go find this inspiration by putting music on, watching a game, checking out a concert etc.

But what about our ” Inside” inspiration ? When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, is it possible to feel inspired with nothing from the “Outside” inspiration being present ? First off, waking up everyday is a gift and that should be inspiring all on its own.

Sometimes our ” Inside” inspiration can become clouded with the responsibilities of
life such as bills to pay, car repairs, saving and making more money, jobs and so much more that we ALL deal with. I have really made an effort in the last 4 years to talk less ( some will argue this :) and take in everything going on around me at home, work and travelling to focus on the ” Inside” inspiration. I honestly believe that our “Inside” /everyday inspiration can be as if not more powerful than the “Outside”.

Here is a very small list of my daily observations and I am sure many can relate :

- Watching my 23 year old son become an extremely responsible and hardworking young man balancing University, jobs and focusing on his career path
- Seeing my 19 year old daughter finish a very busy first year in her education degree and has the passion to become the school teacher that we all wish we had.
- Watching my 3 year old learn new things everyday with passion, fire and curiosity
- Hearing my wife’s voice say she loves me
- Making my family laugh and smile
- Getting to spend time with my sister and witnessing how our parents taught us to be caring and responsible adults.
- Observing my wife work so hard on everything she does and NEVER gives less than 110%
- My 79 year old dad and reminding myself that he could out work me any day of the week

In this day and age of technology and being surrounded by almost any information we want, it is pretty easy to find “Outside” inspiration, which is awesome and amazing. At the same time, I have found that the idea that we can find this anytime can be numbing and lose an emotional element.

Try focusing on your “Inside” inspiration for a few days and make your own list. You will be amazed that inspiration is around us all day long, costs nothing and can be in the simplest form.

Long overdue, lots to report !!

Hello everyone, where has the time gone ? I was hoping to do an update monthly, but apparently that didn’t happen :)

Things have been crazy busy here with the Stickman Drum Experience camp coming up from June 27 – July 1 , 2013. Also the Regina Drum Festival taking place on September 28 and 29, 2013 as well.

These events are going to be the biggest yet in 2013 as the lineups will be huge !! The Stickman Drum Experience is on the verge of selling out, but you can still register at WWW.STICKMANDRUMEXPERIENCE.COM This is the biggest drum event in Canada from Ontario to BC and is gaining serious momentum with the public and drum industry world wide.

The Regina Drum Festival is going into our 3 rd year and will be more diverse than ever before with Jazz, Latin, Funk, Rock, World and so much more. We have confirm the one and only Richie “Gajate” Garcia ( Sting, Phil Collins). More artists will be announced very soon and you can get your early bird weekend passes for only $40 at They will go up to $55 after May 31.

Also teaching has been very busy at Music In The House. We were very honored to be awarded the “Excellence in Arts Management” award at the 2013 Regina Mayors Arts and Business awards. Also our Stickman street team performed at the event with Regina’s Mayor Micheal Fougere joining us.

Gigs have also been busy with Aaron Pritchett, Chris Henderson, Jess Moskaluke, JJ Voss, Government Town and many more. Also, everyone of of these artists have current singles doing great at Canadian Radio.

Things have also been busy in the studio with Chris Henderson, Government Town, Rachel Unruh, Tyler Gilbert and a bunch more. So lucky to be able to record music with great people !!

Summer has me travelling coast to coast playing many shows, doing some teaching and starting up our summer band program with my wife Laura Roddick. Also our 9 month old son Cooper is keeping us VERY busy as well :) :)

Well, better get back to more planning and marketing these drum events.

Take care and hopefully the next posting wont take as long,

Stay Groovy

Cooper and Daddy


Hello everyone out there, hope you are all keeping warm and looking forward to the holidays.

I just wanted to put up a quick post to wrap up an incredible year for myself and my family. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by amazingly supportive and encouraging people and never take this for granted. 2013 looks to be another great year for music !! Here are a few highlights from 2012 :

- My wife released her first solo recording LA Roddick “SOAR”
- We ( George and Julie Dimas, Laura Roddick and myself) hosted the first annual Stickman Drum Experience Camp and it was a huge hit !! This event will be amazing for Saskatchewan and all of Western Canada.
- The second annual Regina Drum Festival took place and the line up was out of this world. 2013 promises to keep pushing forward.
- Our son Cooper J was born on August 14, 2012.
- Great gigs around the country with Aaron Pritchett, One More Girl and many others.
- Music In The House celebrated our 10th year and keeps pushing ahead offering world class education and inspiration to students.
- My son Tyson started his next phase of education at the University of Regina.
- My daughter Jayla continues to get great grades in Grade 10.

These are just a few things that I was very excited about in 2012.

Hope you all take time to reflect on the year, family and friends and enjoy

Stay tuned in Early 2013 for many announcements on the year to come.



Regina will once again be the scene of ANOTHER big drum event on September 14 and 15, 2012. The Regina drum festival will take place at the Regina Performing Arts Centre for an outstanding event after the huge success of 2011.

Our line up is as big as it gets with artists : Jayson Brinkworth ( Aaron Pritchett, One More Girl), Mike Michalkow ( Author – The Drumming System), Gorden Campbell ( Earth, Wind and Fire, George Duke, 50 Cent), Ronn Dunnett ( Dunnett Classic Drums, Drumsmith), Scott Pellegrom ( Clinician Extraordinaire), Paul Leim ( Shania Twain, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley), Gregg Bissonette ( David Lee Roth, Santana, Spinal Tap, Maynard Ferguson) and more !!

We have so many giveaways, great displays and info at the tradeshow, fastest hands competition, the new Stickman Drum Experience rising star showcase and more.

Tickets are ONLY $50 for the whole weekend of events. They are available online at and at the Regina Performing Arts Centre.

Stay tuned for more details and get your tickets soon as this event will sellout for sure with this incredible line up.

Go to the 2012 page for all details and the 2011 page to see what happened last year with Chris McHugh, Shawn Pelton and many others.