Have you ever had the feeling of being so inspired that you felt you could accomplish anything ? I think everyone has at some point in their life, whether it is a story of someone overcoming obstacles in life, participating in selfless acts of kindness for others or so many other forms of inspiration.

If anyone knows me, they know I am very passionate about music and am a big sports fan. I get very inspired by great songs, great musicians, amazing plays in a game, athletes pulling off feats of greatness and more. I look at these types of inspiration as “Outside” inspiration as I need to go find this inspiration by putting music on, watching a game, checking out a concert etc.

But what about our ” Inside” inspiration ? When you wake up in the morning and open your eyes, is it possible to feel inspired with nothing from the “Outside” inspiration being present ? First off, waking up everyday is a gift and that should be inspiring all on its own.

Sometimes our ” Inside” inspiration can become clouded with the responsibilities of
life such as bills to pay, car repairs, saving and making more money, jobs and so much more that we ALL deal with. I have really made an effort in the last 4 years to talk less ( some will argue this 🙂 and take in everything going on around me at home, work and travelling to focus on the ” Inside” inspiration. I honestly believe that our “Inside” /everyday inspiration can be as if not more powerful than the “Outside”.

Here is a very small list of my daily observations and I am sure many can relate :

– Watching my 23 year old son become an extremely responsible and hardworking young man balancing University, jobs and focusing on his career path
– Seeing my 19 year old daughter finish a very busy first year in her education degree and has the passion to become the school teacher that we all wish we had.
– Watching my 3 year old learn new things everyday with passion, fire and curiosity
– Hearing my wife’s voice say she loves me
– Making my family laugh and smile
– Getting to spend time with my sister and witnessing how our parents taught us to be caring and responsible adults.
– Observing my wife work so hard on everything she does and NEVER gives less than 110%
– My 79 year old dad and reminding myself that he could out work me any day of the week

In this day and age of technology and being surrounded by almost any information we want, it is pretty easy to find “Outside” inspiration, which is awesome and amazing. At the same time, I have found that the idea that we can find this anytime can be numbing and lose an emotional element.

Try focusing on your “Inside” inspiration for a few days and make your own list. You will be amazed that inspiration is around us all day long, costs nothing and can be in the simplest form.