Since 2006, Jayson Brinkworth has been hosting world class drum events in Regina and beyond. With MANY one off Drum Clinics, Regina Drum Festival, Stickman Drum Experience and even the Pickman Guitar Festival, Jayson has found himself searching for ANOTHER amazing experience for the drummers of his hometown.

Bring on the YQR WARRIORS in 2018 !!

On April 29, 2018, Jayson and 40 + drummers will converge on THE EXCHANGE in Regina for a ONE OF A KIND experience. They will be all be playing to a track called “WARRIORS” by the band TOO MANY ZOOS.

Along with playing, the day will be documented with audio/video and sent out to the world via YOUTUBE. There will also be footage of drummers playing to the track at some Regina historic sites.

An event such as this is a huge undertaking and planning is the key ( 40 drummers playing at once, a dream/nightmare come true )

This event is strictly driven by Jaysons passion for music, education and celebrating the city of Reginas amazing drummers.

For more information and to sign up to be a YQR WARRIOR, head to www.jaysonbrinkworth.com/yqr-warriors/